Tiny Eevee Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

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Another classic Pokemon: it’s Eevee! This iconic little Pokemon is the origin of eight possible Eeveelutions. What will she become? No one knows yet- but for now, she’s just a normal, little Eevee! When complete, the Eevee amigurumi is approximately … Read More

Mini Snorlax Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

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He’s a big Pokemon, and not just in size. Snorlax is an iconic classic favourite from the original Pokemon series. I’ve seen so many amazing huge Snorlax plushies- from huggable pillows to entire bean-bag beds! My version is a lot … Read More

Slurpuff Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

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Here is the squishy pink fairy Pokemon, Slurpuff! It is oddly reminiscent of ice-cream and according to the Pokedex helps pastry chefs with their work. Cute enough to eat? Maybe! I hope you enjoy crocheting Slurpuff! The completed Slurpuff Amigurumi … Read More

Smoochum Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

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Valentines Day is just around the corner! If you’ve found that special someone, maybe you’ll give them a little Smoochum! Well now you can with this cutie free crochet pattern of baby Smoochum, the pre-evolved form of Jynx. I hope … Read More

Chespin Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

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Chespin is the grass-type starter from Pokemon X and Y. Chespin, the ‘spiny-nut Pokemon’ is based off a combination of a hedgehog and chestnut shoot. It’s name is a combination of chest-nut and ‘pin’; and the spikes on its head can even … Read More

Chingling Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

Ring-a-ling, hear them ring, soon it will be: Chingling. Chingling is literally a Jingle Bell. It is a baby pokemon, the precursor to Chimecho. Mine doesn’t ring, but I thought it would be cool if someone added a jingle bell … Read More

Oshawott the Otter Reindeer

According to the song, all of the Otter Reindeer used to laugh and call Rudolph names. That’s pretty hypocritical, seeing as they also have bright red noses. And anyway, who’s ever heard of an Otter Reindeer!? Even if they are … Read More

Santa’s Helper Wynaut

The Elves aint got nothing on Santa’s helper Wynaut. (Wait, is Delibird the Pokemon Santa? So are these Delibird’s helpers? Hmm…) Wynaut are little mischievous pranksters- but they mean no harm and just want to bring cheer and laughter to … Read More

Christmas Snorunt Amigurumi Pattern

What a nicely decorated Christmas Tree! Hey, wait a second- that’s not a tree, it’s a Snorunt! It is wearing a new Christmas-tree coat! Here is another pattern to continue with my festive Holiday streak. It is the same as … Read More

Merry Foongus Amigurumi Pattern

    Every December, I get hit with that festive feeling. It’s time to bust out the decor- and I don’t just mean the tree. I have Christmas-themed candle sticks, oven mitts, cookie jars, towels, table cloths, snowmen, reindeer, and more besides! … Read More

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