Do you want to learn how to crochet amigurumi? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled a series of ‘How to Crochet’ videos to help you get started- as well as a few additional tips and tricks to polish and refine your cute creations. Note this site uses US crochet terminology. Happy crocheting!

Starting your Amigurumi: Magic Ring (MR) and Single Crochet (Sc)
How to Crochet: Increase (Inc)
How to Crochet: Decrease (Dec) or the superior INVISIBLE DECREASE
Right Side vs. Wrong Side: Stop Crocheting Inside Out!
Finishing your Amigurumi: Close Loop with Magic Circle
Crocheting in Rows using Turn Chain (tch)
The Other Stitches: Half Double Crochet (Hdc), Double Crochet (Dc), Treble/Triple Crochet (Tr), and Slip Stitch (Sl st)
Making Eyes with Needle Felting

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Getting Started: Magic Ring (MR) and Single Crochet

I recommend using the Magic Ring method to start your amigurumi. The adjustable loop allows you to tightly close the opening of your work- eliminating any gaps! The single crochet is what I would call the basis of all amigurumi.


How to Increase (Inc)

So you know how to start your project and single crochet, but now it’s time to increase! Luckily if you’ve mastered the single crochet you’re (exactly) half way to making an increase. As shown a crochet increase is just two single crochet worked in the same space.


How to Decrease, INVISIBLE DECREASE, and Stop Crocheting Inside Out!

This video has my top two tips on how to make your work look cleaner: invisible decrease and crocheting with the ‘right side out.’ I can’t shout from the rooftops loud enough about invisible decrease. This was has been the most life changing crochet trick for me so far.


Close Loop using Magic Circle

‘Close loop and f/o.’ How many times have we seen that instruction? Take it a step further and instead of just sewing the loop closed- use a magic circle to close in a tight ring!


Crocheting in Rows using Turn Chain (tch)

It’s time to take a break from 3D-crocheting (in the round) and start crocheting in rows! This is a technique you’ll need to make flat shapes for embellishments like wings, stripes, tummy’s- you name it. But how can you make your rows straight and even? Use that elusive ‘turn chain.’ Just remember- the turn chain doesn’t count as one of the stitches in the row.


How to Half Double Crochet (Hdc), Double Crochet (Dc), Treble/Triple Crochet (Tr), and Slip Stitch (Sl st)

A quick tutorial on other types of stitches you can use to add height to your row or round. Use these stitches in order to make triangular shapes- like on a crown or the edge of a dress!


Making Eyes with Needle Felting

A sample video of how I go about making eyes by needle felting. At this point I don’t use proper felt pieces, but instead use left over yarn ends. The pokemon featured here is crochet Azelf – pattern available in my shop!