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Sylveon Amigurumi Pattern
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The final Eeveelution (to date, that is) Sylveon, is here! Sylveon is the fairy-type Eeveelution and she has a LOT going on. With... Read More

Vaporeon Amigurumi Pattern
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Vaporeon is the water-type Eeveelution from exposure to a water-stone. This aquamarine Pokemon has so many cute water features like a mermaid-tail, ear... Read More

Jolteon Amigurumi Pattern
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Zzzap it’s Jolteon- the electric type Eeveelution! Jolteon is one of the original Eeveelutions- caused by exposure to a Thunder stone. Back when... Read More

Glaceon Amigurumi Pattern
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Up next is Glaceon, the ice-type Eeveelution. Some facts about Glaceon: Eevee evolves into Glaceon when exposed to an Ice Stone or Ice... Read More

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