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Foongus Amigurumi Pattern
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Hey, someone dropped a pokeball in the grass- oh wait, it’s a Foongus! Even though they look like Pokeballs… they’re not. They’re little... Read More

Snivy Amigurumi Pattern
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Snivy is the grass-type starter from Unova region. Snivy is a slim lizard who stands with it’s point nose held high. Is it... Read More

Trapinch Amigurumi Pattern
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The next Pokemon Go Community Day will feature Trapinch- the ‘ant pit’ Pokemon! I admit I’ve never cared much for Trapinch before this... Read More

Gible Amigurumi Pattern
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Presenting Gible, the land shark Pokemon! He resembles a huge mouth with limbs and has a forehead that’s a mix between shark and... Read More

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