Chespin Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern
Chespin is the grass-type starter from Pokemon X and Y. Chespin, the ‘spiny-nut Pokemon’ is based off a combination of a hedgehog
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Chingling Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring, soon it will be: Chingling. Chingling is literally a Jingle Bell. It is a baby pokemon,
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Oshawott the Otter Reindeer
According to the song, all of the Otter Reindeer used to laugh and call Rudolph names. That’s pretty hypocritical, seeing
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Santa’s Helper Wynaut
The Elves aint got nothing on Santa’s helper Wynaut. (Wait, is Delibird the Pokemon Santa? So are these Delibird’s helpers?
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Christmas Snorunt Amigurumi Pattern
What a nicely decorated Christmas Tree! Hey, wait a second- that’s not a tree, it’s a Snorunt! It is wearing
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Merry Foongus Amigurumi Pattern
    Every December, I get hit with that festive feeling. It’s time to bust out the decor- and I don’t
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Wynaut Amigurumi Pattern
Why not.. make a Wynaut!? My Wobbuffet was looking a bit lonely, so I made him a son- Wynaut, the
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Foongus Amigurumi Pattern
Hey, someone dropped a pokeball in the grass- oh wait, it’s a Foongus! Even though they look like Pokeballs… they’re
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Snivy Amigurumi Pattern
Snivy is the grass-type starter from Unova region. Snivy is a slim lizard who stands with it’s point nose held
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Trapinch Amigurumi Pattern
The next Pokemon Go Community Day will feature Trapinch- the ‘ant pit’ Pokemon! I admit I’ve never cared much for
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Gible Amigurumi Pattern
Presenting Gible, the land shark Pokemon! He resembles a huge mouth with limbs and has a forehead that’s a mix
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pokemon amigurumi Charmander
Charmander Amigurumi Pattern
Charmander was my very first starter in Pokemon! The nostalgia is real. Now for the first time I’ve decided to
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Chimchar Amigurumi Pattern
I’ll let you in on a personal secret- I am afraid of monkeys. I think of them as little immoral
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Jirachi Amigurumi Pattern
  Jirachi is here! This cute mythical Pokemon is said to awaken for one week every one-thousand years, granting wishes
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Litten Amigurumi Pattern
  Litten is that moody kitten from Pokemon Sun and Moon. If anyone else watches the anime, you’ve probably had
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Crochet Cherrim Amigurumi – Free Pattern
Here is Sunshine-form Cherrim! The sweet upbeat flower that blossoms into cute pink and yellow fun in sunny weather- just
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Crochet Ralts Amigurumi – Free Pattern
The announcement has been made- Ralts is the next featured Pokemon for community day this August 2019! To celebrate the occasion
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pokemon amigurumi squirtle
Crochet Squirtle Amigurumi – Free Pattern
Have you dreamed of making your own little Squirtle squad? Now’s your chance! Grab your hook and get crocheting with
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Crochet Torchic Amigurumi – Free Pattern
Here is Torchic, the little fire chicken. This little peep is the size of a peanut! Even though he’s small
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Uxie Mesprit and Azelf Crochet Amigurumi Patterns!
The Lake Guardian Trio Amigurumi I’d like to announce published crochet patterns for Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit amigurumi! I was
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Totodile Amigurumi Pattern
Totodile has been on my crochet list for a while- years, actually. I was always stumped on how to tackle
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Popplio Amigurumi Pattern
Popplio is the cute sea-lion water-type starter from Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is known for blowing huge bubbles from
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Turtwig Amigurumi Pattern
Here comes Turtwig the derpy turtle. I mean, maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s derpy, but the leaves
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Jumbo Mini-Pikachu Amigurumi Pattern
Ok. What is a ‘jumbo-mini’ Pikachu? Well, it’s a modification of my mini Pikachu pattern with Jumbo yarn! This was
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pokemon amigurumi bulbasaur
Bulbasaur Amigurumi Pattern
Here it is, the number one pokemon of all time! (Well, the number 001 pokemon of all time – you
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pokemon amigurumi mudpik
Mudkip Amigurumi Pattern
Have you ever wanted to crochet your own Mudkip? Word on the street is we can expect this upcoming community
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Haunter Amigurumi Pattern
Here is Haunter! One of the original 150 (erm 151) Pokemon who may be gone but not forgotten. Although he’s
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Snorunt Amigurumi Pattern
Brr Snorunt are shivering in their little winter coats! Here for your crocheting pleasure is a simple free pattern for some
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Whismur Amigurumi Pattern
Uh oh Whismur is crying and whining! Maybe you can comfort it? Crochet your own Whismur with this free amigurumi
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Buneary Amigurumi Pattern
Little Buneary is too cute and shy! Maybe she needs chocolate eggs and carrots? Maybe she just needs friends? Why
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Bellossom Amigurumi Pattern
Bellossom is full of spring cheer, flowers, and happiness. Crochet this pretty lady if you think you have a good
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Bagon Amigurumi Pattern
Bagon the little dragon dinosaur is what you might describe as a little bit hard-headed. Although he may be stubborn
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Scorbunny Amigurumi Pattern
Just in time for Easter is the new Pokemon Sword and Shield fire type starter: Scorbunny! Aww Someone get this
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Alolan Vulipx Amigurmi Pattern
Do you just want to chill out for a bit? I have the perfect buddy for you: ice-cold Alolan Vulpix
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Porygon 2 Amigurumi Pattern
Porygon 2 is ready to take on this digital era. This cute hummingbird like pokemon is ready to give your
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Crocheting with PLARN – Plastic (Bag) Yarn!
I’ve recently discovered a method of crocheting with recycled plastic bags, which is called using ‘Plarn’ (Plastic Yarn.) Although I
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Mimikyu Amigurumi Pattern
Wait a second- that’s not a Pikachu. It’s Mimikyu, the mysterious Alolan pokemon is somehow both scary and cute at
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Amigurumi DIY Crochet Wedding Favors
Crochet Your Own DIY Wedding Favors!
Hello world! Today’s topic is about diy crochet wedding favors – especially if you want to make wedding favors on
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Crochet Your Own DIY Bridesmaid Proposals!
So I have some big news: I’m engaged! On a perfect summer evening with the sun setting by the river,
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Wobbuffet Amigurumi Pattern
Wobbuffet is a silly pokemon, famous for being one of Jesse’s pokemon in Team Rocket. Although it doesn’t have any attacks, it
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Pokemon Amigurumi Craft Vendor – Take 1
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a local Pokemon VGC (video game championship) hosted by the Waterloo Pokemon
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Marowak using Pokemon move Fling
Gameplay Mistake 4- I PERMANENTLY Lost My Item Using Fling
Game mistake #4 (Pokemon Moon) Permanently throwing away my held item (Amulet Coin) with Fling.   Recently I was playing
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pokemon amigurumi ditto
Ditto Amigurumi Pattern
This cute crochet Ditto plush toy is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion to surprise a special someone with a unique
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pokemon amigurumi pikachu
Mini Pikachu Amigurumi Pattern
This cute crochet Pikachu plush toy is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion to surprise a special someone with a
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Pokemon Move Types - Kadabra
Gameplay Mistake 3 – Special vs. Physical
  Game mistake #3: Replacing Kadabra’s move Psybeam with Psycho Cut.   It’s Gen4 (Pokemon Pearl) and my team includes a Kadabra with
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Pokemon Ruby Tips
Gameplay Mistake 2 – Pressing B with Combusken
  Mistake #2:  Holding Back Combusken from evolving into Blaziken (‘pressing B’)   The setting is generation 3, Pokemon Ruby,
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Worst Starter Pokemon - Meganium
Gameplay Mistake 1 – Choosing Chikorita (Pokemon Silver)
Everyone makes mistakes. But how many have you made playing Pokemon? I will share with you my top 4, starting
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pokemon amigurumi tepig
Tepig Amigurumi Pattern
Mini Tepig Amigurumi by Strings Away Get ready to heat up your team with this free pokemon crochet pattern of
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pokemon amigurumi Oshawott
Oshawott Amigurumi Pattern
I hope you enjoy this free crochet pokemon pattern of Oshawott. This cute little otter is ready to make a
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Pokemon Amigurumi Piplup
Piplup Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern
  Surprise, it’s Piplup, the penguin pokemon! And with this free pokemon crochet pattern you can make your own to
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pokemon amigurumi cyndaquil
Cyndaquil Amigurumi Pattern
Mini Cyndaquil Amigurumi Pattern Here is a free crochet pattern for a mini Cyndaquil amigurumi! This little porcupine-esque pokemon will
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pokemon amigurumi umbreon
Umbreon Amigurumi Pattern
Umbreon Amigurumi by Strings Away Turn to the dark side with this free crochet Umbreon pattern! Umbreon is the dark
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pokemon amigurumi chikorita
Chikorita Amigurumi Pattern
Chikorita Amigurumi Pattern By Strings Away   Now you can crochet your own Chikorita with this free pattern! When finished,
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