Amigurumi DIY Crochet Wedding Favors
DIY Crochet Wedding Favors
Hello world – I’m back with another blog post! Today’s topic is about diy crochet wedding favors – especially if you want to make wedding favors on a budget. My husband (still getting used to saying this!) calls them “little … Read More
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Crochet Your Own DIY Bridesmaid Proposals!
So I have some big news: I’m engaged! On a perfect summer evening with the sun setting by the river, the man of my dreams popped the big question. Obviously, I said yes! Since then, it’s been a busy whirlwind of … Read More
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strings away craft booth at waterloo pokemon league pokemon video game championship
Pokemon Amigurumi Crochet Craft Vendor: Attempt #1
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a local Pokemon VGC (video game championship) hosted by the Waterloo Pokemon League as a Pokemon crochet craft vendor. Then venue was at Just By Chance Games – an amazing board game shop … Read More
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Marowak using Pokemon move Fling
The Pokemon Move Fling: Use With Care or PERMANENTLY Lose Your Stuff
Game mistake #4 (Pokemon Moon) Permanently throwing away my held item (Amulet Coin) with Fling.   Recently I was playing with my Alolan Marowak in Pokemon Moon. I keep it around for catching Pokemon because it knows False Swipe,
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Pokemon Move Types - Kadabra
Learn Your Pokemon Move Types: Special vs Physical
  Game mistake #3: Replacing Kadabra’s move Psybeam with Psycho Cut.   It’s Gen4 (Pokemon Pearl) and my team includes a Kadabra with Psybeam, Teleport, Recover, and a random TM move. One day it levels up and is ready to learn a new move …
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Pokemon Ruby Tips
Pokemon Ruby Tips: Know Your Pokemon’s Learnset
  Mistake #2:  Holding Back Combusken from evolving into Blaziken (‘pressing B’)   The setting is generation 3, Pokemon Ruby, and true to my previous promise I chose Torchic, the fire type Pokemon, as my starter. Torchic evolves into
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Worst Starter Pokemon - Meganium
Pokemon Silver Tips: Don’t Choose Chikorita!
Everyone makes mistakes. But how many have you made playing Pokemon? I will share with you my top 4, starting with Pokemon Silver. Mistake #1:  Choosing Chikorita as a Starter   Chikorita evolves into Bayleaf, which then evolves into Meganium. 
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