Fat Little Panda Amigurumi

Most of my followers know that I ‘specialize’ in crocheting Pokemon Amigurumi. For some time now, I’ve been toying with the idea of diversifying my patterns and creating other stuffed animals. It’s been a long time in the making, but finally I have something to share!

I present to you the Fat Little Panda bear pattern! This little panda is simple and cute, and has an adorable round belly. Sometimes he is even seen clutching a bowl of noodles to eat.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, while I was trying to crochet this fat Panda I kept being reminded of the Pokemon Snorlax. Isn’t he basically a big fat eating sleeping bear? Even though I was trying to branch away from Pokemon I ended up making a Snorlax Pattern as well by modifying a few pieces of this Panda bear. I hope you enjoy this pattern!
Panda Amigurumi

  • Yarn: Black, white
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook – fiber-fill stuffing
  • Felt or yarn ends: white (for the eyes) and felting needle if desired
  • Embroidery needle, thread (for the nose)
  • Scissors, yarn needle for assembly


R(#): Round number
MR: magic ring
Sc: single crochet
Inc: increase (2 sc in same stitch)
Dc: double crochet
Tr: triple/treble crochet
Dec: decrease (decrease 2 sc into one)
I recommend using Invisible Decrease
Ch: chain
tch: turn chain
Sl st: slip stitch
f/o: fasten off
BLO Back Loops Only

Check out my Learn to Crochet page for video tutorials on how to do the types of stitches listed above.
Panda Amigurumi

Using Black:

Begin by crocheting an oval
R1. Ch 9.
In 2nd ch from hook: Sc 7, In last ch: Inc and Sc (there are 3 sc total in the last chain.)
Continue working on other side of foundation chain: Sc 6, Inc in last chain (18)

R2. ‘Sc 2, inc’ around (24)

R3. ‘Sc 3, inc’ around (30)

R4-8. Sc around (30) five times

R9. ‘Sc 3, dec’ around (24)

R10. ‘Sc 2, dec’ around (18)

F/o and do not close opening.

Make 2 – Using Black:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. ‘Sc 2, inc’ around (8)

R3. ‘Sc 3, inc’ around (10)

R4. Sc around (10)

F/o and do not close opening. Leave a yarn tail to sew to head.
Panda Amigurumi
Begin with Black:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc around (12)

R3. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (18)

R4. ‘Sc 2, inc’ around (24)

R5. ‘Sc 3, inc’ around (30)

R6. ‘Sc 4, inc’ around (36)

R7. ‘Sc 5, inc’ around (42)

R8. Sc around (42)

Change to white:
R9-14. Sc around (42) six times

R15. ‘Sc 5, dec’ around (36)

R16. ‘Sc 4, dec’ around (30)

R17. ‘Sc 3, dec’ around (24)

R18. ‘Sc 2, dec’ around (18)

R19. ‘Sc 1, dec’ around (12)

R20. Dec around (6)

F/o and close loop.
Amigurumi Panda

Make 2- using Black:

R1. 4 in MR (4)

R2. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (6)

R3-4. Sc around (6) twice

R5. ‘Sc 2, inc’ around (8)

R6. Sc around (8)

F/o do not close hole. Leave a yarn tail for sewing to the body.

Make 2- using Black:

R1. 6 in MR (6)

R2. Sc 2, Inc, Inc, Sc 2 (8)

R3. Sc 3, Inc, Inc, Sc 3 (10)

In Back Loops Only (BLO)
R4. Dec around (5)

R5. Sc around (5)

F/o, do not close hole. Stuff and leave a yarn tail for sewing to the body.
Panda Amigurumi

Using Black:

R1. 6 in MR (6)

R2. ‘Sc 2, Inc’ around (8)

R3. Sc around (8)

F/o, leave a tail to attach to body
Eye Patch
Note [ ] – denotes all stitches within brackets are worked from the same base.
Make 2 – Using black:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. Sl St, Sl St, [ch 1, Dc, Dc], [Dc, ch 2, sl st to base], sl st.

F/o and leave quite a long tail for sewing to the head.
Panda Amigurumi
Soup Bowl (Optional)
Using Any color of your choice:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc around (12)

R3. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (18)

R4. ch 1, in BLO: Hdc 18 (18) f/o, weave in end.

Fill the bowl with unwound yarn ends to mimic noodles.


Assemble as shown in pictures- be sure to pin limbs in place before sewing to properly adjust position.

Head: Attach the ears to the head, covering the ‘corners’ of the head. Attach the eye patches to the head angling slightly inward. The tops of the patches are approximately 2 sc width apart and approximately 1 row below the bottom of the ears. Attach the head to the top of the body.

Body: Attach the arms to either side of the body angled slightly downward ‘hugging’ the belly. Attach the feet to the bottom of the belly and the tail to the back, these 3 appendages will balance the Panda while sitting.

Details (eyes) were added by needle felting loose yarn ends , the nose was added by embroidery.
Panda Crochet Amigurumi

Two Bear Friends- Snorlax and Panda – share a bowl of noodles.

Thank you for trying this pattern – I hope you enjoy your Amigurumi Panda!


This pattern by StringsAway is for personal use only. Please do not sell or redistribute the pattern as your own.

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