Crochet Your Own DIY Wedding Favors!

Hello world! Today’s topic is about diy crochet wedding favors – especially if you want to make wedding favors on a budget. My husband (still getting used to saying this!) calls them “little wedding minions” haha.

DIY Wedding Favors

Amigurumi DIY Crochet Wedding Favors
My little amigurumi wedding minions

Wedding Favors on a Budget

When we were thinking about what to do for wedding favors I was a bit at a loss. For one thing we had over 250 guests scheduled to attend, meaning if each favor cost from $1 to $5 we would be looking at a total cost of over $250 to $1,250! For the wedding favors alone!? That’s not an amount that I could justify spending. Despite how cool the engraved glasses, coasters, or personalized wine looked, a $5 per person favor was definitely out of the question (and budget.)

Candy and treats are always nice go-to ‘s for favor bags, although I have heard some people don’t like them because it’s not something you can keep as a memento forever. Conversely, I’ve also heard people say they hate take home trinkets as wedding favors, because they aren’t very useful and clutter up the house.

Well, you can’t please everyone, so I decided to do a little bit of both (and in that case- potentially annoy everyone!) But crocheting amigurumi gifts is one of my skills, so why not just do that and have diy wedding favors? Besides, if it’s personally and painstakingly custom hand made by the bride who can complain about that?

Here are the wedding favors:

Mr and Mrs Crochet Wedding Favors

They are a little Mr. and Mrs. amigurumi couple. I put Hershey’s kisses in a favor bag and wrapped their little arms around it. I put a little note in the wedding favor bag that read ‘Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. and Mrs.’ Get it? They are hugging the bags of kisses.

DIY Crochet Wedding Favours

I was so happy to see my husband getting into the process of making these along with me. He became a pro at needle felting the eyes on- something I’ve only recently started doing myself. Some of my friends, bridesmaids, bridesmen, aunts, and uncles, were also coerced into helping with some part of the assembly or other.

The top hats are made from a template (scaled down) cut into black poster board and then assembled by glue. The original design from TinselandTrim is a top-hat for a cat, which I think is pretty cool.

DIY top hat

How Much Did it All Cost?

Crochet Amigurumi Wedding Favors
Sooo Many Favooors

I’ll just be upfront with you. The total cost to make just over 250 favors was around 60$ and a LOT of manual labor. I am cheating a little bit with the cost, because I already had a lot of the yarn and fibrefill stuffing in my possession, so I didn’t need to purchase too much more of those items. The other costs (and where I bought them from) break down like so:

Item Price
300 Favor Bags (AliExpress) $13
1 Black Poster Board and
1 Square of Black Felt (Dollar Store)
144 Mini Roses (AliExpress) $2
260 Hershey’s Kisses (Bulk Barn) $24
1 More Skein of White Yarn (Michaels) $8
1 Bag of FibreFill (Lens Mills) $10
Total $59


Tips for Budget Wedding Favors

Well, my secret’s out: AliExpress helped me fund a huge portion of my wedding decor and diy projects. You can save so much on decorations if you just have the patience to wait 3 months for slow but free shipping.

I also took advantage of Michael’s Online Coupons that they always have listed on their website- it’s so convenient to just load it on your phone in the store and show it to the cashier right before purchasing anything.

And finally buying in bulk where possible – Bulk Barn for candy or Lens Mills for fibre fill – helped with saving a few dollars here and there.

Crochet Wedding Favor Pattern

Here’s the pattern for the ‘wedding minions.’ It’s pretty simple as it’s literally just a ball with arms.


R1. 6 sc in MR (6)
R2. Inc around (12)
R3. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (18)
R4-R5. Sc around (18)
R6. ‘Sc 1, dec’ around (12)
R7. Dec around (6) Close and f/o.

Sl St into middle of the ball, ch 9, turn, and in second ch from hook insert 2 sl st. Leave a long tail if tying onto something, cut, and f/o.

Sew on (or needle-felt on) a cute mouth and face! Attach to whatever you desire for a personal touch.

Crochet Wedding


Well, I don’t know what all of the adults thought about the crochet wedding favors, but the kids had fun playing with all of them. What do you think? Comment below for other ideas on ways to save on wedding favors or other cool DIYs that won’t break the bank!

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  1. Claudia Vilardo
    | Reply

    I love this idea and would love to make this. Do you know what kind of yarn you used? Also is there a video tutorial?

    • Lisa
      | Reply

      Hi! Unfortunately I forgot what type of yarn it was. I chose mostly based on the color. I think it might’ve just been ‘red heart’ yarn from Micheals. No video tutorial unfortunately!

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