Gameplay Mistake 2 – Pressing B with Combusken

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  Mistake #2:  Holding Back Combusken from evolving into Blaziken (‘pressing B’)   The setting is generation 3, Pokemon Ruby, and true to my previous promise I chose Torchic, the fire type Pokemon, as my starter. Torchic evolves into

Gameplay Mistake 1 – Choosing Chikorita (Pokemon Silver)

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Everyone makes mistakes. But how many have you made playing Pokemon? I will share with you my top 4, starting with Pokemon Silver. Mistake #1:  Choosing Chikorita as a Starter   Chikorita evolves into Bayleaf, which then evolves into Meganium. 

Piplup Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

  Surprise, it’s Piplup, the penguin pokemon! And with this free pokemon crochet pattern you can make your own to join your lineup. Enjoy crocheting your Piplup!   Prefer a pdf version to download and print? Buy one here! Want … Read More

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