Oshawott Amigurumi Pattern

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pokemon amigurumi oshawottMini Oshawott Amigurumi by Strings Away

I hope you enjoy this free crochet pokemon pattern of Oshawott. This cute little otter is ready to make a splash!


  • Dark blue, Light blue, white, yellow and brown  yarn
  • 3.5  mm crochet hook
  • Fiber-fill stuffing
  • Black and white felt and fabric glue
  • Black embroidery thread and needle (mouth, freckles)
  • Scissors, yarn needle for assembly


R(#): Round number

MR: magic ring

Sc: single crochet

dc: double crochet

inc: increase (2 sc in same stitch)

dec: decrease (decrease 2 sc into one)pokemon amigurumi oshawott

tch: turn chain

sl st: slip stitch  -ch: chain – f/o: fasten off

ch: chain – f/o: fasten off

Head (white yarn)

R1. 6 sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc around (12)

R3. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (18)

R4. ‘Sc 2, inc’ around (24)

R5. ‘Sc 7, inc’ around (27)

R6-7. Sc around (27) two times

R8.  Inc, sc 13, inc, sc12  (29)

R9. Dec, sc 13, dec, sc 12 (27)

R10. ‘Sc 7, dec’ around (24)

R11. ‘Sc 2, dec’ around (18)

Don’t forget stuffing

R12. ‘Sc 1, dec’ around (12)pokemon amigurumi oshawott

R13. Dec around (6)  f/o

Shell (Scalchop) (yellow yarn)

Shell Base

Row1. Sc 2 (2) tch

Row2. Sc 2 (2) tch

Row 3. Ch 2, turn, skip the first sc and sl st into the second sc. This chain forms a ‘loop’ over the first 2 rows.

Shell Fan

Ch 2, then 6 dc into loop, ch 2, sl st into loop and f/o.

Body (light blue yarn)

R1. MR 6

R2. Inc ar (12)

R3. Sc 1 inc ar (18)

R4. Sc 2 inc ar (24)

R5. Sc 3 inc ar (30)

R6-9. sc ar (30) four times

R10. Sc 3 dec ar (24)

R11-13. Sc ar (24) three times

R14. Sc 2 dec (18)

R15-16. Sc ar (18) two times

(Neck frills) In outer loops:

*[ch2, dc in same base] [ch2, sl st into next ch on base] slst,

[ch2, dc in same base] [ch2, sl st into next ch on base]

sc 4 times, *

repeat above (between **) f/o.

Ears (dark blue yarn) – make 2

R1. Sc 4 in MR (4)

R2. Sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc (6)

R3. Sc 1, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 1 (8) f/o.

Arms (white yarn)

R1.  4 sc in MR (4)

R2. Sc around (4)

R3.  Inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1 (6)

R4. Sc around (6)

R5. Sc 1 , Inc, sc 2, inc sc 1 (8)

R6. Sc around (8) f/o.

Tail (dark blue yarn)

R1. Ch 8, slst to beginning ch

R2-R3. Sc around (8) 2 times

R4. Dec, Sc 6 (7)

R5-6. Sc around (7) 2 times. f/o (flatten)

Feet (dark blue yarn) – make 2

R1. Ch 6, sl st to first ch.

R2-R3. Sc around (6) 2 times

R4. Dec, Sc 4 (5)

R5. Sc around (5) f/o. (flatten)

Nose (brown yarn)

R1. Sc 6 in MR (6)

R2. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (9) f/o

I hope you enjoy this free Oshawott Amigurumi pattern! When finished Oshawott is approximately 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide (palm sized!) He will be a great addition to your team or a great gift for another Pokemon trainer.

Pattern Notes: The head, body, and arms are crocheted in the round and filled with stuffing. For the ears and nose stuffing is optional given the small size of the finished product – for mine I was able to ‘stuff’ them with just the tail end of the yarn. The feet and tail are crocheted ‘in the round’ but not filled with stuffing and pressed flat. Careful with the positioning of the tail and feet- attach them so they balance each other.

Enjoy Oshawott, the water starter from Pokemon Black and White!

This pattern by StringsAway is for personal use only. Please do not sell or redistribute the pattern or product. For questions or comments visit: www.StringsAway.ca

Click here for a downloadable version of this pattern

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