Wobbuffet Amigurumi Pattern

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Wobbuffet is a silly pokemon, famous for being one of Jesse’s pokemon in Team Rocket. Although it doesn’t have any attacks, it has a superb defense. Why not ( Wynaut ) make your own?

If you prefer to work by paper – you can purchase a pdf copy of this pattern here.



  • Yarn: Blue yarn (shiny, light 3)
  • Yarn: Black (light 3)
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook – fiber-fill stuffing
  • Embroidery thread/ sewing needle (mouth, eyes)
  • Felt (black and white) for tail eyes
  • Scissors, yarn needle for assembly

R(#) : Round number
MR: magic ring
Sc : single crochet
Inc: increase (2 sc in same stitch)
Dec: decrease (decrease 2 sc into one)
I recommend using Invisible Decrease
tch: turn chain
f/o: fasten off
Check out my Learn to Crochet page for video tutorials on how to do the types of stitches listed above.
Head/ Body
Using Blue:
R1. 6 sc in MR (6)
Inc around (12)
R3. ‘Sc 1, inc’ around (18)
R4. ‘Sc 2, inc’ around (24)
‘Sc 3, inc’ around (30)
R6-R9. Sc around (30) 4 times
R10. ‘Sc 8, dec’ around (27)
R11-R12. Sc around (27) 2 times
R13. ‘Sc 7, dec’ around (24)
R14. Sc around (24)
R15. ‘Sc 2, dec’ around (18)
R16-R17. Sc around (18) 2 times
R18. ‘Sc 4, dec’ around (15)
R19-R20. Sc around (15) 2 times
In inner loops:
R21. ‘Sc 1, dec’ around (9)Wobbuffet Pokemon Amigurumi
R22. ‘Sc 1, dec’ around (6) f/o

Using blue:
R1. 4 sc in MR (4)
R2. Sc 1, inc, Sc 1, inc (6)
In inner loops:
R3. Sc around (6)
R4-R5. Sc around (6) 2 times
R6. Skip 1 sc, Sc around (5)
R7-R8. Sc around (5) 2 times Wobbuffett Amigurumi
Row 1: Tch, Sc 3. f/o


Make 4, using blue:

R1. 5 sc in MR (5)
R2. Inc around (10)
In inner loops:
R3. Sc around (10)
R4. Sc around (10)
R5. ‘Sc 1, dec ‘ around (7) f/o.
wobbuffet amigurumi tail
Using Blue:
R1. 6 sc in MR (6)
R2. Inc around (12)
R3. ‘Sc 3, inc’ (15)
R4. Sc around (15)
R5. ‘Sc 3, dec’ around (12)
R6. Sc around (12) f/o.
Using black:
R1. 4 sc in MR (4)
R2. Inc around (8)
R3-R5. Sc around (8) 3 times
R5. Sc 1, dec, Sc 2, dec, Sc 1 (6)
R6.  Sc around (6)
R7. Dec, Sc 1, Dec, Sc 1 (4)
R8. Sc around (4) f/o.

Assembly Notes
Sew the face and mouth with black embroidery thread. Make the eyes on the tail using black and white felt pieces.


Thank you for trying this pokemon crochet pattern – I hope you enjoy your Wobbuffet!

Click here to purchase a downloadable version of this pattern

This pattern by StringsAway is for personal use only. Please do not sell or redistribute the pattern as your own.

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  1. Debra
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    How do I get a .pdf of this pattern. You have adorable Pokemon patterns and my grandchildren love them all. There is no link for a .pdf

  2. Lisa
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    Hello again! I have added the pdf link for this pattern too. Thanks again for helping me notice these! I’m here if you have any other questions or suggestions 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Tiffany
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    I just wanted to be sure, because it says that the pattern is for personal use and to not redistribute as my own, am I still allowed to sell the product as long as I credit your pattern?

    • Lisa
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      You are so sweet for asking! Yes, that is perfectly fine 🙂

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