Tiny Eevee Pokemon Amigurumi Pattern

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Another classic Pokemon: it’s Eevee! This iconic little Pokemon is the origin of eight possible Eeveelutions. What will she become? No one knows yet- but for now, she’s just a normal, little Eevee!

When complete, the Eevee amigurumi is approximately 3″ tall (from feet to head) and 3″ wide. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! Perfect for a little keychain.

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pokemon amigurumi Eevee

  • Yarn: Brown, Tan
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook – fiber-fill stuffing
  • Felt: black, white, purple, dark brown (for the eyes, nose, ears) and felting needle if desired
  • Scissors, yarn needle for assembly


R(#): Round number
MR: magic ring
Sc: single crochet
Inc: increase (2 sc in same stitch)
Dc: Double crochet
Tc: Treble/Triple crochet
Dec: decrease (decrease 2 sc into one)
I recommend using Invisible Decrease
Ch: chain
Sl st: slip stitch
f/o: fasten off

Check out my Learn to Crochet page for video tutorials on how to do the types of stitches listed above.

This pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Each type of sc is worked into the next stitch in the round the number of times indicated. Instructions between ‘ ‘ are repeated as many times in the round as indicated. This pattern assumes that you stuff body parts as they are made before closing.
pokemon amigurumi Eevee

Using Brown:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc around (12)

R3. ‘Sc 1, Inc’ around (18)

R4-R6. Sc around (18) for three rounds

R7. Sc 7, Inc x 4, Sc 7 (22)

R8. Sc around (22)

R9. ‘Sc 1, dec’ three times, Dec x 3, ‘Sc 1, Dec’ two times, Sc (14)

R10. Dec around (7)

F/o and do not close the opening. Leave a yarn tail for sewing onto the top of the body. Stuff.
pokemon amigurumi Eevee

Using Brown:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc around (12)

R3-7. Sc around (12) for five rounds

R8. Inc x 3, Sc 4, Inc x 3, Sc 2 (18)

R9. ‘Sc 1, Inc’ three times, Sc 4, ‘Sc 1, Inc’ three times, Sc 2 (24)

R10. ‘Sc 2, Dec’ around (18)

R11. ‘Sc 1, Dec’ around (12)

R12. Dec around (6)

F/o, close loop.
pokemon amigurumi Eevee

Make 2. Using Brown:

R1. 3 in MR (3)

R2. Inc, Sc 2 (4)

R3. Sc around (4)

R4. Inc, Sc 3 (5)

R5. Inc, Sc 4 (6)

R6. Sc around (6)

R7. Sc 4, Dec (5)

R8. Sc 3, Dec (4)

F/o and close loop.
Make 2 -Using Brown:

R1. 4 Sc in MR (4)

R2. Sc , Inc x 2, Sc (6)

R3. Sc around (6)

R4. Dec, Sc 4 (5)

R5-7. Sc around (5) for three rounds

Close and f/o.
pokemon amigurumi Eevee
Begin using tan:

R1. 4 Sc in MR (4)

R2. ‘Sc, Inc’ around (6)

R3. ‘Sc 2, Inc’ around (8)

Switch to brown:
R4. ‘Sc 3, Inc’ around (10)

R5. ‘Sc 4, Inc’ around (12)

R6. ‘Sc 5, Inc’ around (14)

R7. ‘Sc 6, Inc’ around (16)

R8. ‘Sc 7, Inc’ around (18)

R9-11. Sc around (18) for three rounds

R12. ‘Sc 1, Dec’ around (12)

R13. Dec around (6)

F/o, leave a yarn tail to sew to body.

Make 2- Using brown:

R1. 4 in MR (4)

R2. ‘Sc, Inc’ around (6)

R3. ‘Sc, Dec’ around (4)

F/o and close loop. Leave yarn a tail for sewing to body.
pokemon amigurumi Eevee
Neck Scarf

Using tan:

R1. 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc around (12)

Note stitches listed in brackets [ ] are all worked from the same foundation stitch.

Chain 2. In next stitch: Dc,
In next stitch: [Tr, Tr],
In next stitch: [Dc, ch 2, Sl st],
In next stitch: Sl st

Repeat above 2 more times to make the neck scarf.

Assembly of Crochet Eevee

Assemble as shown in pictures- be sure to pin limbs in place before sewing to properly adjust position.

Head: Attach the ears to either side of the head. I find it ‘cuter’ if one of the ears are not perfectly symmetrical/ one ear angled higher than the other as if Eevee is ‘listening’ or confused.

Body: The ‘bumps’ on the body piece are meant to be thighs. Sew the feet over the bumps angling slightly outward (Eevee is in a sitting position). Sew the arms close together, in between the feet. The tail is sewn to the back of the body. After you have attached the arms, sew on the neck scarf over the top of the body, covering the tops of the arms. Finally, the head is attached over top of the neck scarf.

A note about the neck scarf- it would be very cute to brush it out with an metal-tooth pet brush OR use a latch hook and straighten technique for a beautiful full and feathered look. I would love to do that to mine some day if the time permits!

Facial details were added by needle felting loose yarn ends . This technique was used to make the eyes, nose, and dark brown parts of the ears.

Eevee faces some big decisions.

Thank you for trying this pattern – I hope you enjoy your Amigurumi Eevee!


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This pattern by StringsAway is for personal use only. Please do not sell or redistribute the pattern as your own.