Snorunt Amigurumi Pattern

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Brr Snorunt are shivering in their little winter coats! Here for your crocheting pleasure is a simple free pattern for some small Snorunt Pokemon. Ice, Ice, Baby.



  • Yarn: Black, Yellow (or blue for shiny variation), Orange (or yellow for shiny variation)- fine yarn was used)
  • 3.5 mm crochet hook – fiber-fill stuffing
  • Felt (blue, white, orange) Felting Needle – for details
  • Embroidery thread/ sewing needle (for teeth)
  • Scissors, yarn needle for assembly




R(#): Round number

MR: magic ring

Sc: single crochet

Inc: increase (2 sc in same stitch)

Dec: decrease (decrease 2 sc into one)

tch: turn chain

sl st: slip stitch

f/o: fasten off

pokemon amigurumi pikachu


Using black:
R1. 4 sc in MR (4)

R2. Inc, Sc 1 around (6)

R3. Inc, Sc 2 around (8)

R4. Inc, Sc 3 around (10)

R5. Inc, Sc 4 around (12)

R6. Inc, Sc 3 around (15)

R7. Inc, Sc 4 around (18)

R8. Sc 2, inc around (24)

R9-R12. Sc around (24) four times

R13. Sc 2, dec around (18)

R14. Sc 1, dec around (12)

R15. Dec around (6) close and f/o.



Make 2. Using black:

R1. 4 sc in MR (4)

R2. Inc, sc 1 around (6)

R3. Dec, Sc 1 around (4)

F/o and close loop.



Make 2. Using black:

R1. 6 sc in MR (6)

R2. Inc, Sc 2, inc, Sc 2 (8)

R3-R4. Sc around (8) two times

R5. Dec, Sc 2, around (6) f/o and close loop.




Using yellow:

R1. 4 sc in MR (4)

R2. Inc, Sc 1 around (6)

R3. Inc, Sc 2 around (8) chain 1,

turn work (tch)
At each tch: begin the next row on the last stitch that was just completed (ie change directions on that round)

R4. Sc, inc, Sc 4, inc, Sc (10) tch,

R5. Sc, inc, Sc 6, inc, Sc (12) tch,

R6. Sc, inc, Sc 8, inc, Sc (14) tch,

R7. Sc, inc, Sc 10, inc, Sc (16) tch,

R8. Sc, inc, Sc 12, inc, Sc (18) tch,

R9. Sc 6, inc 3x (21) tch,

R10. Sc 21 , ch 4, turn work (24)

R11. Sc 24, ch 4, turn work (27)

R12-R14. Sc 27 (27), tch, three times.

F/o leaving a very long tail for sewing. With orange yarn- using slip stitches crochet along the border of the coat opening to add an orange lining along the front of the coat opening. F/o and weave in thread.




Attach the feet – widely spaced apart for balance and for the coat to have a fuller fit.  Attach the coat to the body- I only attached the front part of the coat to the body (at the coat opening) and left the back open/unattached. Finally, attach the arms as you please- either crossed and holding the edges of the coat or simply at the front of Snorunts body.
Details (eyes, mouth, and back triangles) were added using colored felt and needle felting technique.

Thank you for trying this pattern – I hope you enjoy your Amigurumi Snorunt!

Click here for a downloadable version of this pattern

This pattern by StringsAway is for personal use only. Please do not sell or redistribute the pattern as your own.

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