Uxie Pokemon Amigurumi- Premium PDF Pattern


This instantly downloadable pdf pattern features professional graphic design, step-by-step instructions over several pages with an easy to follow layout.

The final 1-Page Quick Print Summary has instructions reduced onto 1 greyscale page for quick printing. Print and go! Bring your crochet project to the beach, the park, or out on your lunch hour.

Immediate download is available after purchase. To download: After PayPal Payment, click “return to Merchant” and click the link under “Order Details.”

The completed Uxie amigurumi stands approximately 4.5 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide (~11.4cm tall x 7 cm wide) – perfect for those who prefer mini-sized Amigurumi's. In addition to yarn, garden wire was used to add rigidity to the tails.

Additional skills needed include: needle felting and or embroidery to design facial details. This pattern is easy-level difficulty, and is 7 pages long in total.

Want to crochet the other Lake Guardians (Azelf, Mesprit) as well? Get them all together with the pattern package!


Premium PDF Patterns are instantly downloadable amigurumi patterns that feature professional graphic design, detailed instructions, and a printer friendly 1-page quick print summary – perfect for those who want to ‘print-and-go’ and take their project on the road!


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