Pokemon Amigurumi – Whismur


This Amigugumi Whismur plush fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! Although Whismur seems a little bit upset I'm sure deep down inside he would love to join your team.

Did You Know? According to Whismur's Pokedex (Emerald) Entry – it inhales through it's ear canals so it can cry out loud constantly without having to inhale a breath.

Available on backorder


This Pokemon plush toy is hand-made from acrylic yarn. It stands approximately 3.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. Facial features were added by embroidery (eyes) and needle felting technique (mouth)

Available on backorder: please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for this order to be prepared before shipping. Shipping costs are $10 in Canada or $15 to all other countries.


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